To ensure we fulfil our client's requirements, we provide a Building Crew as well as a Labour Crew who work in unison to take care of all aspects of the build. From the main build down to smaller jobs, we strive to provide a successful, stress free outcome from inception to completion.

We also have our own small machinery and a tested relationship with other companies to provide any and all aspects of the building industry.  Our passion is building unique custom homes, from 350 to 10,000sq/ft. We continue to invest in and improve our equipment and talented personnel to provide these building practices.




Services Overview

  • Custom builds and finishes

  • Design Assistance

  • Concrete

  • Carpentry

  • Material logistics

mini excavator dig.jpg
  • 3.5 Ton Mini Excavator

  • Skidsteer 

  • Land Prep, Tree Cutting, Grubbing

  • Landscaping


tool belt.png
  • First Response to Security Systems

  • Off Season Maintenance

  • Home Maintenance




We are not shy to give our opinion when it is asked.  However, we will build the unit with the feel of the design in mind. We take great care in finishing the unit as this is the final canvas.  We love unique challenges, allowing us to show our creativity making our units, truly custom.  We are eager to build our own... everything


We do footings, frost walls and basements with panel construction as well as ICF. We also do power trowel finishes, broom finishes and everything in between.  We have started doing decorative concrete and epoxy coatings. We have the ability to core 2” to 10” holes through concrete.  As well as special grinding equipment and vacuums.


We have a 3.5 ton mini excavator and tracked skidsteer, as well as countless smaller tools to help renovate or build new homes. From jackhammers, pneumatic tools, laser levels, to great finishing equipment. 


We provide a seamless building team.  The tradespeople we partner with, are tried and tested against our standards.  We all work as a team to get the clients what they need or desire. All phone calls regarding changes or deficiencies can be directed to us.  We can then schedule the appointment to have it rectified.  We work very closely with our partners and they react as timely and professionally as we would.


This area's beauty is allowed to flourish because of it's isolation from big populations. However, this means we are often met with challenges to receive materials in time. We stay in close contact with the hard working delivery companies, and if they cannot get it in time, we get it ourselves.  Small delays of 2 to 3 days can prove very costly.



We frame with great precision.  We take the time to think each wall line through to finish materials. We build well beyond code structurally, and think about the items attached to walls and the structure they may require. 

Visitor facilitzation

We can help refer clients to the many great businesses in our various communities. We share our contacts and partners information to help make the transition to our area, however long or short, as enjoyable as possible.  We take care of our clients like they are always on vacation, regardless if they live here full time.


We work closely with trusted security companies, that provide great service.  We are often added to the call list, to respond, in case the client is out of the area.



We can provide all aspects of maintenance after a build.  This includes but is not limited to, tree clearing, cleaning, snow clearing, seasonal open and close, landscaping, gutter cleaning, repair and garbage removal.   We can also provide,by the job, weekly, monthly, seasonal rates.


  We provide a 2 year warranty on workmanship if we provide all materials on a build. This allows us to use quality materials.